Pitars: A Production of Excellence

Pitars: A Production of Excellence

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For many generations, the Pittaro family has been cultivating the Vitis vinifera, the vine, in its beloved land. A Friulian family with an authentic history that firmly believes in the passion for its land and for the cultivation of the vine. A passion made of noble goodwill, a veritable religion.

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Young wines, important wines and ‘meditation’ wines, such as Angelo, the sweet blend of indigenous grapes. The Pitars product selection can satisfy the most expert and demanding palates, promising the senses an intense and unmistakable experience, able to surprise even those who love Prosecco.
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The Wine In Arts Project

GFour International has developed the concept of “Wine In Arts” by promoting artists through wine events, exhibitions, happenings, and limited wine label designs. Below are samples of Italian artist Sergio Voci.

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