Centro Ricerche Architettura Pittura Fisica (CRAPF)

Centro Ricerche Architettura Pittura Fisica (CRAPF)

Portfolio Description

The CRAPF is a Cultural Laboratory. Laboratory as it is based on manual labor and work instructions related to the specific electronic arts and disciplines. Cultural as it is based on the interaction between the knowledge and concepts organically bound together.


Work through the interactive processes between these disciplines. It has as its core base reference the provision of an extensive collection of paintings and drawing of Mario Galvagni, as well as his works of architecture inherent in the research and theoretical physics (Philosophy of Nature), which are described and illustrated in the cyclically new exhibition spaces of this new Research Laboratory.

The activity of this new interdisciplinary center through its Scientific Committee will be paid to structure interactively, and to enable research and information to all people interested in aesthetic issues that will be dealt with through seminars, exhibitions, conferences, lectures, internet.