4 Tips to Stay Home, Eat Healthily and Drink Wine

4 Tips to Stay Home, Eat Healthily and Drink Wine

4 Tips to Stay Home, Eat Healthily and Drink Wine

“No need to leave home for a new bottle of wine.

Stay home, eat healthily, and drink wine.”

Coronavirus pandemic imposes common problems in many areas of our lives. At GFour International, we strive to retain things going – making wines liquid pleasures, along with liquid assets. While most of us try to adopt social distancing, many people are searching for ideas to generate stay-at-home life interesting. Here are some ideas and tips for wine lovers and collectors to stay home, eat healthily, and drink wine!

Make Stay-at-home Life Enjoyable with Fine Wines

4 Tips to Stay Home, Eat Healthily and Drink Wine

Tip 1: Host the perfect at-home wine dinner tasting with homemade prepared meals

Days always feel longer when we all stay at home – all the time! What’s better than honing in on your cooking skills and wiping up a few gourmet steaks. 

Open some good bottles of wines and drown the “boredom” away!

When it comes to steaks and wines, most people think reds instantly.

Certain cuts do much better with white wines.


Stay Home, Eat Healthily and Drink Wine

Tip 2: Map out your stay-at-home wine tour and keep yourself busy learning more about the world of wines

Yes, we may not have any travel plans any time in the future; still, where there’s a will, there’s always a means!

Let’s tour around our homes, trying wines from different wine regions. Missing the stunning Fontodi Farm Holidays?

Let’s take pleasure with a bottle of Feudo Maccari, looking at photographs of your last visit to the world-famous wine region.

Now is the right time to experience a fine wine journey at home with every glass of wine anytime, anywhere.

GFour International has come up with itineraries for you. Have a look, and if you’re missing a bottle from the regions, we can send them to your house!


GFour International fine wine stocks and build your investment

Tip 3: Secure fine wine stocks and build your investment portfolio

The year 2020’s global market volatility has brought about restored interest in fine wines as an alternative investment.

Fine wines’ returns outperform global equities since the beginning of the particular year.

Furthermore, as GBP falls below HKD 10’s mark, we visit a different pool of investable wine beverages offering incredible costs.

This presents a good chance to secure some fine wine stocks and create your very own fine wine investment profile.

Unsure what to invest in? Talk to us and put together a portfolio to test out. Our real-time wine value tools can help you visualize results by providing you the everyday market cost of the selected wine elements.


Stay Home, Eat Healthily and Drink Wine

Tip 4: Order from the GFour website if you want to get your wines delivered right away

To quench your thirst, take a look at wine offers on GFour International. The selection goes from a great discount on a bottle to rare and fine bottles.

Once you choose what you want us to deliver to your door, we will send them over within days!

As our day-to-day lives have shifted considerably, we are committed to helping you navigate this ‘new normal’ with the utmost confidence and, as much as possible, with a glass of wine in hand.

Stay home, choose your wine, and drink.