Valle Reale – Gran Roccaalt

Valle Reale – Gran Roccaalt

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Corte Figaretto is a family-run farm in the heart of Valpantena, a valley situated north of Verona. In this southernly exposed valley lie its precious vineyards, suitable for the production of great red wines. The essentially Mediterranean climate, characterized by contained rainfall, is further tempered in the summer months by the evening breezes originating from the Lessinia mountains.

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It is this the best way to describe the enthusiasm and spirit that suffuses us when exercising our profession. Between Poiano and Quinto, in a territory formed by hills and vineyards, our family cultivates a deep passion for wine growing.
These breezes cool the day’s heat, guaranteeing a wide temperature range between day and night, this allowing the grapes to reach maturation rich in polyphenolic and anthocyaninic substances, which give our wines an unmistakeable personality.

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