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Kristall Exclusives

Over 100 years ago, the first foreign traders set up their godowns on the banks of the River Ping in Lan-Na.

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It was here in Lan-Na, The capital city of Chiang Mai, also known as the ‘Land of a Million Pady Fields’ that they discovered the local drink a strong fragrant Spirit, distilled from rice or grain. That was the time when explorers and botanists were also roaming the hills of Southern China and Northern Siam, among them were some adventurous sons of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The probably most accomplished of them was the Austrian Nobleman, who’s family’s ancestral home was in the town of Rocca Nuova also known as Rocca di Castruccio in Seravalle Pistoiese. Displaced by World War 1, the Baron spent a decade in the region of Southern Chinam and the Shan Plateau of Northern Burma and Siam.

His work has served as an inspiration to re-create this unique spirit.

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We encourage chemical free, sustainable agriculturem and nearly all the by-products of the production process are recycled, composted or used in environmentally friendly products. By doing so, we help protect and heal the land, and we help the farmers increase their income.

Distilling is a delicate process and it begins with the selecting of premium organic ingredients. Fermentation happens under strictly monitored conditions, to ensure a perfect environment for our yeasts to do their job. Then, the mash is slowly double distilled to crystallize purily in a German-made copper still.

Many who have seen our distilling process have commented that it is “as meticulous as artwork”. This is true. Because of our strict standards, monthly production of Kristall is limited, because only in that way we can guarantee superior quality.

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