La Carraia, Good Wine from Good grapes

La Carraia, Good Wine from Good grapes

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This is believed by those who work with dedication and passion, in our company, and in order to achieve our goal – good grapes produce good wine – every year we demonstrate special care for the land where the grapes are grown.

La Carraia Farm Winery has located South of orvieto and all the vineyards are within the orvieto Doc Classico Area. There are 5 different plots of land: Porticina Farm, Calvelli Farm, Murotondo Farm, Sanale Farm, and Castellunchio Farm.

Each has different characteristics, both concerning the composition of the land and exposure. This has enabled us to identify, with time and experience, the best soil and climatic conditions for the natural habitat of so many indigenous and international varieties.

La Carraia Cellar

La Carraia, a young and dynamic viticultural company, was founded in 1988 by the Gialletti and Cotarella families. The Gialletti family are expert viticulturists in orvieto and the Cotarella family are world-renowned winemakers.

The philosophy of this winery aims to combine the age-old traditions of orvieto winemaking, which dates back to Etruscan times, with an innovative approach that producers need today in order to obtain the best wines.

La Carraia

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