Custom Label Design

Custom Label Design

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Throughout right conceptual thoughts, accurate technical execution and knowledge of design principles, GFOUR can provide a top level design process. Gfour use always its long experience and a permanent communication with each client to deliver on time the final label design, also when it is necessary to relabeling a product to improve it and make it more attractive, following the right marketing strategy. GFOUR’s labels design hit the target: a label should catch eyes’ attention, lead them to pick up the item bearing it and make the products stand out on shelves even when they’re standing among crowds of competitors.

la car genesi
la car genesi 4
Genesi Family Line brings together unique products, with a surprising and refined taste, paying close attention to tradition and respect for the environment.
GFOUR international has thus given life to two precious Genesi lines, one dedicated to wine and the other dedicated to drinks and food, focusing on the quality of raw materials and the experience of the producers.

Genesi Brunello Di Montalcino
Genesi Amarone

Genesi aroma Bianco
Genesi Roma Rosso
Gfour International is always looking for superior quality products made just for the most experienced and demanding customers. For this Gfour International has turned to Italian, Thai, New Zealand and other worldwide producers whose known for their reliability and commitment to improve our health more and more. The “Genesi Food” line was born from a long-lasting and sincere relationship with them, which brings together foods free of preservatives and harmful dyes, with zero added sugars and saturated fats.

Bourgogne Chardonnay
Bourgogne Pinot Noir


Cabernet Sauvidnon the heavy bottle
Crozes Hermitage
De Valentin
Genesi Bianco Toscana

Genesi Wine was born from the creative collaboration between GFOUR International and expert producers of high quality wine. Genesi Wine ensures an unforgettable choice of wines by taste and refinement, coming from the most famous and renowned regions of the wine world.

Genesi Barbaresco
Genesi Grillo
Genesi Gold Nero Davola
Genesi Gold Nero Davoa saia

Genesi Merlot front
Genesis Moscato Bianco
Genesi Prosecco front
Genesi Sangiovese Umbria Rosse

Genesi Umbria Rosso
Genesi Barolo
Genesu Barbera
Genesui Aglianico

Genesi Bordeax
Genesi Cabernet
Genesi Cantalupi Negro Amaro
Genesi Chiantti

Genesi Pinot Grigio
Genesi Rose
Genesi Vermentino
Genesi Primitivo

Genesi Stemilion
Gold Sangiovese
Grechetto E Chardonnay front
Montepulciano Dabruzzo
Pinot Grigio Pitars

Crisp White
Private Bin G
sidewood Private G Pinot Noir
Private Bin G
Sidewood Priva Bin G Shiraz
Private Bin G
Dry Red
Private Bin G

senza titolo

La Carraia
Carraia tradition labels SANGIOVESE
La Carraia
La Carraia
La Carraia

La Carraia
Angel Line
La Carraia
Angel Line
La Carraia
Angel Line
La Carraia
Angel Line