Puente Austral & Maturana

Puente Austral & Maturana

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Our wines’ identity owes much to the grape harvest at the right moment of maturity. We aim for fruit expressions with round tannins. We pick up the grapes during the early morning, so our grapes can be kept fresh during transit periods. We do not follow fashions or trends.
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Neither we follow recipes: we just need good grapes, care, and love in the way of doing things. We don’t over-process or manipulate wines: we just let them rest and mature in oak barrels, giving our special touch.

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Located in the southern sector of the great rappel valley, Colchagua valley is home to Puente Austral. Irrigated by the Tinguiririca River, the climate is temperate throughout the year, its maritime influence moderates the extreme temperatures.

Maturana and Puente Austral

Sebastian Maturana was in charge of 15 years of Casa Silva Winery, one of the most prestigious wineries in Chile, winner of a great number of recognitions among worldwide competitions. Responsible for creating and developing his own project “Puente Austral”, “Maturana Wines” and “Chateau de G”.

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Javier Maturana Lanza together with his family developed a passion for the production of unique wines of exceptional quality.


Everything has been carefully thought out to elaborate on the selection of the grapes under a manual concept and to obtain a product of limited production as a result of work philosophy.

There are no recipes, only the passion to create unique wines.

Thanks to his extraordinary sensorial capacity, José Ignacio Maturana has been ranked as one of the best winemakers in Chile.

Responsible for creating and developing “Maturana Wines”, his personal ventures. He has the honor to participate as Director of winemaking project “TOP WINEMAKERS”.

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