History: GFour International

GFour was founded in 2001 thanks to the meeting of different minds and personalities, inspired by the sensibility of artist Mario Galvagni.

GFour International commenced its operations in Thailand in 2003. Luca di Filippo who has a passion for wine and art, is the creator and founder of GFour and the current Managing Director.

GFour Int'l. Logo

The Symbolic Meaning of GFour Logo

The politics and images that GFour has chosen to promote as its own personal style, which is the real glue binding the ideas and activities that are at the heart of GFour.

Mario GalvagniMario Galvagni is the founder of C.R.A.P.F. (Centre for Research Architecture Picture & Physics), an interdisciplinary laboratory whose aim is to activate and interact with projects concerning education, information, and recording of studies on the aesthetics and morphology of habitat.

Sparks of light materialized in gears of evolving shapes, often dynamic solids in dialogue with the changing landscape, with its seasons and colors, without fear of confrontation, at the same level, with heroic and very human sincerity, a meeting of fragility and listening between man, project, and nature, all dosed by a poetic instinct and by a huge heritage of images linked to the history of art.

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