Matho Monastery (Ladakh, Leh)

Matho Monastery (Ladakh, Leh)

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The village of Matho is located at the mouth of a deep gorge running out of the Zanskar Range and across the Indus. It is directly opposite Thikse Monastery.

Most of the buildings are, apparently, rather dilapidated but there is a new assembly hall or du-khang which was built in 2005 and which has very colourful paintings and a Sakyamuni Buddha as the main statue. There is a small chapel on the top story containing images of Sakya Pandita and other Sakya lamas. There is a ‘museum’ adjoining it with a number of very beautiful old thangkas, some of which are thought to have been brought from Tibet in the first half of the 15th century when the monastery was founded. Unfortunately, many of them are very worn. The masks and robes worn by the lamas in the annual dance festival may also be seen in the museum.

Matho Monastery

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