4 Easy Steps on How to Order Online

Not sure how to order online? Get started with this simple step-by-step tutorial.

As an essential business, we are grateful to continue offering premium food and beverage, shipped directly, and safely to your door with contactless delivery. For more details, read our Message about COVID-19 here(hyperlink).

1. Select Your Favorite Category of Food and Beverages

From the Homepage, go to shop.

You can go there by clicking the SHOP button on the header menu.


SHOP button on the header menu

keyword search


2. Choose Your Food and Beverage

2.1 Store homepage will showcase the products ready for order. You can choose from the many food and beverage categories available on the navigation bar.

2.2 Select a product by clicking on its image or product name. Price below the image. This will redirect you to that product’s page.


Price below the image
product image
Product description
Product’s page


3. Customize Product

3.1 Depending on the product, you will have to choose options (1) like “Food…”

3.2 Then choose the quantity of the product (2) to be ordered.

3.3  Click on the “Add to quote” button (3) to add the product to your cart.

3.4 You can add additional products to your cart by going to other product pages and repeating steps 3.1-3.3.

3.5 Check your order lists by clicking on the “Quotation” link in the header menu button.


request a quote


4. Quotation Page

4.1 On your Quotation page you can:

  • Change the quantity of the products (1) then click on the “Update list” button (2)
  • Remove products (3)

4.2 Once you’re good with all your cart items, fill-up the form at the bottom of my quotations page. Then click the send your request button page (4)

click to go qoutaiton
send request button

After submitting the request-for-a-quotation form, you will receive an automated email with the confirmation that our sales team has successfully received your request.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you whitelist and add in your contact list our domain gfourinternational.com to avoid missing our email.

One of our sales representatives will come in contact – in less than 24 hours – using your preferred contact method, to finalize your order.

You’re all set! Keep safe and enjoy your favorite food and beverage!